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Screening & detection Initiation & adjustment drug/insulin therapy Prevention & treatment of complications-heart, kidney, eyes, feet Special clinics- children, teens, pregnant woman Prevention of diabetes By Our diabetes team of experts OUR SPECIAL INTEREST LIES IN DIABETES PREVENTION The condition of insulin resistance is key to the idea of diabetes prevention. Insulin resistance is when the body is unable to use the insulin it makes, to keep the blood sugar levels normal. Increasing age, being over weight, leading sedentary lifestyle or having a family history of diabetes are some factors that make us vulnerable to insulin resistance. And insulin resistance starts at least fifteen to twenty years before it shows up as abnormal blood sugar levels. It is this time period when blood sugar levels are normal but still insulin resistance is high, that people are at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. Evident by, we need to do something sooner, much before diabetes manifest.

WHAT ARE WE DOING…. B cell firmly believes in investing time for education for only that can give us sustained results. Patient’s education and education/training of specialized diabetes health professionals. DIABETES EDUCATION Initial & continuing patient and family education Goal setting & problem solving strategies for self care Food & exercise counseling Lifestyle modification. Stress management. ß- cell is now activity training the third batch of handicapped aspiring diabetes educators. They are given special training in the art and science of diabetes education.


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