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Remove denture from food pipe

A patient named mohd Ismiluddin from calcutta came very critical with not able to breathe and not able to take in any food and blood from mouth.He went to Agra first where three times procedure was tried and failed, he also went to AIIMS. Then he came to Dr Davinder Sabherwal(Head physician) and Dr Vipender Sabherwal(head surgeon)at Jeewan Hospital gate 1,Ashram.He was diagnosed with a very rare emergency in which his full teeth denture had gone into his oesophagus  (food pipe)and they were entering the trachea (the wind pipe)and and compressing the main blood vessel(carotid) there. It may have perforated the blood vessel and the wind pipe and he would have died in seconds. A team of Dr Vipender Sabherwal surgical team including Dr Mandeep and Dr Parveen operated for 5 hours in a life saving miraculous surgery at Jeewan hospital gate 1 ashram




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